Detroit Front Steer Axles

Dependability on the Road

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Needle Bearing

Lighter Weight

Unique design of our I Beam uses less material for less weight and higher payload.

Needle Bearing

Needle Bearings

Needle bearings wear less, leading to greater durability.

Brake Compatibility

Brake Compatibility

Detroit steer axles are compatible with most brake systems, including disc brakes, for increased safety.

Turning Radius

Turning Radius

Up to 55 degree turning radius for better maneuverability.

12.5k Axle Rating

12,500 lbs. Axle Rating

12,500 lbs. rated capacity available for increased payload and weight compensation.

Lightweight Design, Heavy Profit

Our front axles are designed to use a unique I-beam, making them up to 40lbs. lighter than other brands for the same capacity ratings. That means higher payload capacity and increased productivity, resulting in more revenue for your business.

Needle Bearings

Our front axle design uses needle bearings that roll between the steering knuckle and king pin. This innovative design reduces friction, tightens tolerances and reduces deflection to improve durability, reduce tire wear and provide smoother steering control. Our needle bearings are designed to last the full life of the axle. With better grease distribution, our front axles don’t need to be unloaded or lifted to be lubricated, making them virtually hassle-free. Our bearings are covered under our standard warranty.

Friction and Thrust Bearings

Friction bearings on the left-side steering knuckle and thrust bearings on the right-side steering knuckle eliminate chatter and wander, providing optimal steering feel, tracking and returnability. The balance of steering resistance and road input results in significantly better overall “steerability”.

More Weight Ratings

We offer a 12,500-lb front axle rating for multiple applications. This provides an additional 500 lbs capacity on the front axle, compared to a 12,000-lb. axle, and lets you avoid purchasing a heavier, more costly 13,000-lb. axle. You get a weight- and cost-efficient solution that fits your truck application and its payload requirements.

Maximum Maneuverability

The unique I-beam design coupled with tie rod arms and axle cups enables a sharper wheel cut of up to 55 degrees, giving you the tightest turning radius available.

Brake Compatibility

Detroit front steer axles are compatible with most brake systems, including disc brakes, for increased safety.