Demand Performance

Ready to Run for a Million+ Miles

We build quality into every Detroit™ powertrain by designing for fuel efficiency, emissions, and ease of operation. We improve performance with state-of-the-art innovations and testing, then we follow up with the best electronic and in-person support in the industry.

Trailblazing Design

  • Engine oil, fuel and coolant filters are positioned above the frame rails, making them easy to reach and saving you money on maintenance and service.
  • Our cross-hatched liners distribute oil evenly throughout the cylinder, yielding greater stroke pressure, quicker combustion and a controlled exhaust temperature.
  • Dry-cut, precision-machined axle gears give our differential a robustness to handle any job for years to come.

Rigorous Validation

  • To test over 600 specs, we hot test every engine before it leaves our factory.
  • We plot the durability points to find the sweet spot, then direct electronics to measure against our data.
  • We record each phase of our assembly process by measuring the torque value for every bolt. That’s right: every bolt. So if there’s ever an issue, we know exactly where to look.

Comprehensive Support

  • All of our design engineering, testing and manufacturing is under the same roof. So when you need an expert, he or she is right down the hall.
  • We have highly qualified, certified technicians at 800-plus authorized service outlets across North America. Each one is ready to service our products whenever the need arises.
  • Detroit™ Virtual Technician™ onboard diagnostics system cooperates with our other robust electronic controls to relay any issues or troubles directly to our in-person support team. Not only does this ensure your engine’s health and longevity, it saves your business money and time.
  • Our driver training videos teach you how you can get the most out of your engine, and maximize the efficiency of your entire Detroit powertrain.