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Detroit DD15® Engine

Smart Power

The new Detroit DD15 engine delivers more with less weight, powering the evolution of a new era in efficient driving.

Redefine the Road

Open the hood of the Freightliner Cascadia Evolution truck and you'll find an engine that delivers amazing power, control and fuel economy. It delivers peak torque response so you burn less fuel and get more power.

Cascadia Evolution

Designed to Deliver

Our engineers re-examined, then re-designed many features of the DD15 to reach this level of performance, including:

  • Proprietary Asymmetric Turbocharger to reduce weight and complexity and deliver improved performance over other turbo designs. This patented in-house design is more optimally matched to the Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) system to deliver outstanding performance.
  • Next generation ACRS Fuel System optimizes DPF regenerations through combustion and control to extend regeneration intervals.
  • DDEC® electronic engine controls to adjust to driving conditions and respond immediately to your commands.
  • Fuel Filter Module uses a two-filter system for longer service life, increasing the service change interval to 50,000 miles. Serviceability has improved, with easier access to the water drain and fewer priming strokes.
  • Optimized Piston Design introduces a carbon scraper ring, reduces oil consumption, and contributes to improved fuel economy. The DD15 meets 2013 OBD (OBD13) and 2014 Greenhouse Gas (GHG14) regulations.
  • Variable Speed Water Pump utilizes the viscous clutch between the pulley and impeller drive to reduce impeller speeds, making it more efficient than a gear-driven design.
  • Oil, fuel and coolant filters are positioned above the frame rail
  • Detroit Virtual Technician® onboard diagnostics system can let you know how serious a fault code is when you're on the road. It can notify you of where the nearest part is located, when you can get into the next available service bay, and can even schedule your repair appointment for you.
  • Optimized Oil Pump delivers greater fuel economy.
  • Weight Savings of 100-pounds compared to EPA10.
  • Trained technicians are ready to serve you at any of our 800-plus authorized service outlets.

Contact your local Freightliner Trucks dealer to learn more about ordering the new DD15 in your new Freightliner Cascadia Evolution truck.

Detroit DD15 Engine



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