Detroit Service

Expertise Worth Paying For

The technicians and support team at Detroit will keep your engine, axles and transmission running right, 24/7. Our factory-trained technicians, graduates of our award-winning training program, know your powertrain inside and out. They’re the experts who will make sure that with rigorous maintenance at regular intervals, all components continue to perform at its optimum power and efficiency for years to come. You can find expert technicians at any of our more than 746 authorized Detroit service locations.

As your mileage increases, you may need to extend your engine's life through one of our service programs. Repairing or replacing your fuel injectors through our PowerPacks® program can boost fuel efficiency remarkably. For bigger issues, an overhaul by our experts in the StepUP® Overhaul Program might be in order where you can choose from four different ways to refurbish your engine to like-new working condition.

On a day-to-day basis, you can easily stay informed of parts and service specials as they come online.

You may order DiagnosticLink through the new ordering system here.