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Series 60®

The Series 60 provides the perfect balance of power and fuel economy for heavy-duty applications.

Maintenance Intervals

Service Function Miles Detroit Diesel Part
Oil & Filter Change
30,000 Detroit Diesel Genuine Oil & Filters
Fuel Filter Change Primary & Secondary 15,000 Detroit Diesel Genuine Fuel Filter
Coolant (test)
2 Years
Detroit Diesel Genuine Fluid Analysis
Detroit Diesel Genuine Coolant
Valve Lash Adjustment After first 60,000 Detroit Diesel Genuine Service


Every new Series 60 engine is covered by the following standard warranty:

  • Engine: 2 years, unlimited miles, including 100% parts and labor
  • Accessories (if supplied by Detroit): 2 years, 100,000 miles, including 100% parts and labor
  • Major components: 5 years, 500,000 miles, including parts and 100% of Service outlet's normal charge

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Warranty Guides


You may be able to get more life out of your engine through an overhaul. Our StepUp overhaul program offers four levels, or steps: from our Basic overhaul up to a Remanufactured Engine.