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We Innovate to Help Protect the Environment

At Detroit Diesel Corporation, we are committed to the protection and preservation of the environment throughout the design, test, production and distribution of our products and services.

It is our mission to be recognized by our customers, employees and community as a responsible business committed to continual improvement in environmental management and prevention of pollution in all activities.

To that end, we pledge to:

  1. Establish environmental objectives and targets that consider environmental aspects as an integral part of our business decision-making process.
  2. Commit to comply with applicable laws, regulations, permits, company policies and other requirements related to our environmental aspects.
  3. Promote conservation of resources by reducing, reusing, recycling and recovering (4Rs) of raw materials, energy and wastes.
  4. Develop employee knowledge and understanding of environmental issues related to job functions, communicate our environmental policy to all persons working for (or on behalf of) our organization, and make that policy available to the public.
  5. Implement this policy as a primary top management objective and the responsibility of all employees.