Detroit Assurance Suite of Safety Systems:

The most advanced vocational trucking safety systems – ever

Improve operator safety and keep trucks working strong. With Detroit Assurance® Suite of Safety Systems, it’s easier to keep your vehicles operational and earning money – whether they’re traveling between sites or on the job.

Side Guard Assist

Side Guard Assist takes truck operator safety to the next level. As a passive collision mitigation system, it won’t de-throttle or stop your truck. Instead, it puts the driver in control. If a truck’s passenger side gets too close to a moving person or object, the system will alert the operator on a right turn.

Side Guard Assist can detect moving objects and pedestrians across the length of the passenger-side of the truck. At highway speeds, it can also issue a warning if the truck begins to drift into an occupied lane.

Active Brake Assist 5

Using fused radar and camera technology, Active Brake Assist tracks objects in front of your truck to determine if a warning, partial braking or full braking is necessary. It can help your vehicles avoid collisions on and off the job site – and even detect or mitigate impact of moving pedestrians in urban areas or on the road between sites.

Adaptive Cruise Control to 0 mph*

Between job sites, Adaptive Cruise Control automatically adjusts your truck’s cruising speed to maintain a safe following distance in traffic – even in stop-and-go traffic. If a vehicle causes the truck to stop for 2 seconds or less, the system will resume motion once there’s enough road ahead.

*With DT12®-V or DT12-VX transmissions.

Brake Hold Mode

Brake Hold Mode improves safety and comfort wherever work happens. Available in 2022, this feature keeps the truck stopped when the operator removes their foot from the brake pedal, or if their foot slips off while the truck is at rest.

Tailgate Warning

Tailgate Warning alerts operators when they follow another vehicle too closely while traveling over 20 mph – and can even report these events via Detroit Connect® to help you improve driver training.

Lane Departure Warning

Even the most experienced operator can get distracted on the way to the job site. Lane Departure Warning helps keep an eye on the road so your vehicles can travel the open road safely. It alerts the operator with a rumble sound and dash warning if their truck veers from its lane without signaling.

Traffic Sign Display

Drive as smart as you work with Traffic Sign Display. This convenient, optional feature utilizes the Detroit Assurance proprietary HD camera to automatically read up to two traffic signs in real time and display relevant sign information, such as the speed limit, in the dash.

Active Speed Intervention

Active Speed Intervention (ASI) is an optional, industry-first technology that’s designed to deter operators from speeding and to help new operators adopt safe driving practices. Coming in January 2022, this feature works with Traffic Sign Display to issue a passive alert when the driver exceeds the speed limit. If the operator does not respond, ASI will issue an active warning, and if necessary, will cancel Adaptive Cruise Control and de-throttle the truck.

Automatic Headlights/Wipers

Keeping a clear view of the job site is easy with Automatic Headlights and Wipers that turn on and off when visibility or weather changes.

Intelligent High-Beams

The Intelligent High-Beams feature automatically disengages high-beam headlights when the camera detects tail lights, headlights or city lights – and turns them back on once these light sources are no longer visible.

Forward- and Driver-Facing Video Capture

If an accident does occur, Detroit Assurance has you covered, too. You can set the system to automatically take a 20-30 second snapshot of both truck and driver activity during a severe traffic event and have it automatically loaded to a web portal for review.

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