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Detroit™ Virtual Technician™ is the Integrated Remote Diagnostic System for Freightliner and Western Star Trucks.


A Day with Virtual Technician

While driving, Joe sees a check engine light appear on the dash.

Understand your truck. Maximize uptime.

A check engine light could mean anything from an easy fix to a critical engine failure. Virtual Technician takes the guesswork out of truck maintenance – increasing uptime and lowering maintenance costs.

Detroit™ Virtual Technician™ is the integrated remote diagnostic system for Freightliner and Western Star trucks. Virtual Technician is the industry's only telematics solution that records critical vehicle performance data immediately before, during and after an engine fault occurs – giving our engineers the most relevant information to interpret your fault codes. Within minutes, you'll have a preliminary diagnosis, our expert recommendations and, if needed, directions to nearby service locations with parts available to maximize your truck's uptime.

  • Save money by servicing vehicles only when needed
  • Locate convenient service centers with available parts
  • Trust expert analysis from experienced technicians

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How Virtual Technician Works

Review the industry's leading engine and transmission diagnostic system.


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