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Durable Design & Reliability

Over the years Detroit Diesel Corporation has established its reputation as a manufacturer of some of the most reliable and innovative diesel engines for a variety of applications. We continue to leverage our heritage of innovation into our latest products. Besides our industry leading diesel engines we now offer a wide variety of products and components.

To learn more about some of our engines over the years choose from one of the engine models below. For classic 2-Cycle engines (Series 53, 71, 92 and 149), visit the MTU Detroit Diesel 2-Cycle website.

Detroit Diesel Series 50®: Fuel-Efficient and Cost-Effective 

Powering Businesses Forward with Innovative Engine Technology 

The time-tested DDEC® electronic engine control system ensures optimum performance and fuel efficiency with minimal emissions.

Learn more about the Series 50

Detroit Diesel Series 60:
An Electronics Innovator

The First Fully, Electronically Controlled Heavy-Duty Diesel Engine. Only from Detroit. 

The most successful Detroit Diesel engine ever produced, the Series 60® was also the first engine in the world to fully utilize electronic engine controls.

Learn more about the Series 60

MBE 900

Increased Productivity, Reduced Costs

The MBE 900 has been the premium engine choice for a wide range of medium-duty and vocational vehicle buyers, powering the needs of a variety of customers.

Learn more about the MBE 900

MBE 4000

Detroit Leverages Daimler Engines

The MBE 4000 offers outstanding performance at any speed for maximum productivity. The MBE 4000 also produces maximum torque at low engine speeds for excellent acceleration and reduced shifting, and has best-in-class braking, all resulting in optimal driver satisfaction.

Learn more about the MBE 4000

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