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Driver Training Videos

Choosing a Detroit engine is the first step to improving your fuel economy, and ultimately, your bottom line. Our driver training series can help you learn how to take advantage of your engine's capabilities in the real world.

Driver Training: DT12™

The DT12 Automated Manual Transmission will maximize your performance, safety and fuel efficiency. Get ready for a better driving experience.

Driver Training: Optimized Idle

Optimized Idle reduces idle time by automatically stopping and restarting the engine. Besides saving fuel, it helps keep the batteries charged while maintaining engine and cab temperature.

Driver Training: Fuel Economy

After choosing one of the most fuel-efficient engines on the road, the top factor in further reducing fuel costs is sitting behind the wheel.

Driver Training: DDEC

See how the Detroit DDEC electronic system works to manage and improve fuel economy and engine performance.

Driver Training: BlueTec

Our emissions solution allows drivers to meet current emissions standards while improving engine performance and fuel economy. See how.

Driver Training: Detroit Assurance

Detroit Assurance protects your drivers and your business. This new suite of safety systems delivers a new level of on-road control and protection in Freightliner Cascadia and Cascadia Evolution trucks.

Driver Training: Detroit Integrated Powertrain

The Detroit™ Powertrain provides integration like only Detroit can, because the engine, transmission, and axles are all engineered and designed to work together as one. With state-of-the-art component communication and one-stop parts and service support, no other powertrain does more to lower your Real Cost of Ownership℠.

Watch the latest videos from the Midnight Trucking Hour, check out exciting event videos and more. We’re here for your Detroit viewing pleasure.

Driver Training Videos

Our driver training series can help you learn how to take advantage of your engine's capabilities in the real world.

About Videos

Learn about our history, see where we’re going, and meet some of the people helping us get there.

Engine Videos

DD13® engine, DD15® engine and the DD16® engine—from testimonials to assembly line tours, see the innovation and technology that goes into every Detroit.

Transmission Videos

You achieve the greatest fuel economy and highest efficiencies with a Detroit powertrain: engine, axles and transmissions. Learn more about the technologies and innovations we put into our transmissions, and stay tuned as they premiere in summer 2012.

Axle Videos

Less maintenance and longer axle life are just the beginning of how we design our durable axles.

Virtual Technician™

Learn more about how Detroit Engines’ Virtual Technician reduces downtime to keep trucks on the road and businesses moving forward.

Emissions Videos

From SCR to BlueTec Technology and to EPA emission standards, Detroit engines fit the lower fuel bill. See it all for yourself.

Event Videos

Never miss a Detroit engine event. View the event videos to access the information and get in on all the action.