Virtual Technician; Keeps Your Business on the Road

Connectivity 11/05/2013

Virtual TechnicianTM, the onboard diagnostic system from DetroitTM, is nothing short of an industry game-changer. It collects data as soon as a check engine or transmission light comes on and, within minutes, notifies the fleet or truck owner as to the severity of the issue. If it’s not urgent, Virtual Technician offers suggestions on how to best resolve the problem. If the situation is critical, the data is sent over to the Detroit Customer Support Center who analyze the problem and refer the fleet or truck owner to the nearest authorized service location where parts are in stock.

Virtual Technician saves fleet or truck owners time and money by eliminating several steps from the diagnosis/repair process—giving them the peace of mind necessary to keep their business running smoothly day in and day out. Find out more about Detroit Virtual Technician here.

The Results Are In

Detroit just completed its first Virtual Technician Customer Satisfaction Survey, which included 304 participating truck owners equipped with Virtual Technician. Here are a few highlights from the results:

Detroit Connect

As successful as Virtual Technician has been at improving efficiency and TCO, it is only one piece of the puzzle. Now, Detroit Connect adds even more power to the industry's most integrated telematics solutions with Visibility fleet software and the On-Board Tablet. By capturing, transmitting and analyzing data direct from your vehicles, these Detroit Connect tools will help you dramatically improve your uptime.

Retrofit Available

Vehicles with EPA 2010 or newer Detroit engines that were purchased without Virtual Technician can equip their truck by purchasing a retrofit kit and service contract in the aftermarket. A Virtual Technician Complete retrofit kit is available at your Detroit authorized service outlet.

Minimize Downtime

When you invest in a truck with a Detroit engine or transmission, you are getting unmatched performance and reliability. However, if something does go wrong, Virtual Technician assures that you will get back on the road as soon as possible.