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Register your truck for Virtual Technician.

This form may also be used to change existing registration information. If owner is leasing vehicles to a Lessee and would like them to receive the fault code emails, please complete a sublease form and mail to

In order to complete the activation of your Detroit Connect service subscription(s), you must accept the Terms and Conditions noted below.

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Company Name is the warranty registered name associated with the VIN(s) you are registering.

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Contact information entered below will receive email fault code notifications for all VINs in the customer’s account. Enter at least one VIN below from your Fleet.

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Contact information for the person, or persons, responsible for your vehicle's service and/or maintenance and fault code notification.

You can register up to 100 VINs using this form. To register, enter either the last 6 characters or the full 17 character VIN for the vehicle. For fleets, in addition to the VIN, you may optionally enter the vehicle’s fleet unit number.

If you have more than 100 VINs and/or a combination of Service contacts for specific VINs or fleets, please contact

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Please use this section for any additional information, including removing contact names from existing registrations (please list names).

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