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The Intelligent Detroit™ DT12™
Technology is permeating the trucking industry faster than ever, and it’s bringing a host of benefits with it. The combination of computational analysis and control, instant vehicle performance data and more exact manufacturing methods are enhancing durability and fuel economy. Read More
What is an Automated Manual Transmission?
There are three types of transmissions used in the heavy-duty trucking segment: manual, automatic and automated manual. While it’s pretty easy to understand how a true manual transmission works, there’s often confusion about how automated manual transmissions (or AMTs for short) function versus automatic transmissions, and what unique benefits an AMT provides. Read More
Driven By The Best: The Detroit DD5 Inside the Freightliner M2106
Industry-leading pickup and delivery companies demand durability, fuel efficiency and technology to drive their businesses. With the combination of the medium-duty Freightliner M2 106 and Detroit™ DD5™, an industry-leading medium-duty truck meets the most tech-advanced engine in the industry. Read More
Tailgate Warning on Detroit Assurance® 4.0
At Detroit, safety is paramount. The Detroit Assurance® suite of safety systems uses your truck’s radar and camera systems to keep drivers safe on the road. When traveling at speeds higher than 20 miles per hour, Tailgate Warning, a new feature of Detroit Assurance 4.0, determines the distance between your truck and the vehicle ahead of you. If you follow the vehicle in front of you too closely for 10 seconds or longer, a visual Tailgate Warning alert appears on the dash. Read More
Lane Departure Warning on Detroit Assurance® 4.0
The Detroit Assurance® suite of safety systems delivers optimum on-the-road safety with a variety of technologically-enhanced features, all designed to help mitigate the likelihood of a collision. Refreshing its data 200 times per second, the system relays actionable intelligence to the Video Radar Decision Unit (VRDU), which controls the truck’s response to its brakes, engine and transmission, in real-time. Read More
Active Brake Assist on Detroit Assurance® 4.0
The Detroit Assurance® suite of safety systems makes a significant contribution to the safety of truck drivers and everyone else on the highways. One feature that enhances highway safety is Active Brake Assist (ABA). The ABA radar-system feature helps mitigate the likelihood and severity of collisions, calculating the distance between the truck and other vehicles or objects in its path. Read More
Inside the Cascadia: Engines, Transmission, Axles
Elevating customer expectations for superior efficiency and performance in the Freightliner Cascadia®, the updated, Integrated Detroit™ Powertrain (IDP) is poised to deliver significant dividends on every owner’s investment. Uniting the efforts of best-in-class components to lower the Real Cost of Ownershipsm (RCO) for every customer, the best of Freightliner—teamed with Detroit's most efficient Powertrain technology—creates an undeniably superior combination of power and fuel economy. Read More
Detroit DD5: Manufacturing Process and Design
With the introduction of the new four-cylinder Detroit™ DD5™ engine, Detroit has officially entered the medium-duty market. Available in the Freightliner® M2 106, the DD5 features up to 230 horsepower and up to 660 lb-ft of torque. Though the smallest engine in the DD line, the DD5 will be tested like every other Detroit™ engine, ensuring consistent quality and performance across Detroit engine platforms. Read More
Detroit Medium Duty: Application & Quality
Detroit is proud to unveil the 5.1-liter DD5™, the trucking industry’s first four-cylinder engine for a conventional-cab, medium-duty vocational truck. Quality-focused engine design means comprehensive optimization, with micron-level engineering accuracy and attention to detail. Two fewer pistons deliver fuel efficiency savings without sacrificing power or performance. Debuting this fall in the versatile, popular Freightliner model M2106—the DD5 is the first in-house engine from the new Detroit™ medium-duty engine group (MDEG). Available at launch for pickup and delivery application in 210 HP, 575-lb-ft and 230 HP, 660-lb-ft ratings, the DD5 will eventually power a variety of vocational applications. Read More
SEP Program Improves Energy Performance and Increases Savings
At Detroit, we have an obsession with efficiency. While it’s obvious in our fuel-efficient engines, versatile transmissions and easily serviceable axles, it applies just as much to our manufacturing processes. So when our one and only Redford, MI plant earned its Platinum SEP (Superior Energy Performance) certification from the US Department of Energy, it was proof that our hard work was being noticed. Read More
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